A Holiday Reflection

Walt Disney wrote in the December 1941 issue of Reader’s Digest:

One reason the Christmas season appeals to me is that it makes us suspend business-as-usual routine and lets our minds soar for a while. It is a time when the imagination is more sprightly than at other periods of the year; Christmas seems to release even the most solemn of us from the ‘Scrooge realism’ that occasionally besets all of us. It is natural, of course, that I should think of Christmas in terms of imagination, for imagination is my business.

Walt’s quote reminds us that we must all find some quiet moments from time to time. These quiet moments, or periods of reflection, allow our subconscious with the time needed to catch up with our over-allocated, over scheduled conscious mind. Let’s face it, the subconscious probably has some fantastic ideas or solutions to your problems that it is dying to share with you, but it simply hasn’t been able to break through and catch your attention during the busy holiday season!

So how do we purposefully take advantage of this power of reflection?

  • Create Time for It!
    • Make Time!
      • Get up one hour early
      • Go to bed one hour later
      • Go to the park or other quiet space for lunch
      • Listen to music instead of the news
      • Take a long shower or bath
      • Take a long drive
      • Take the dog (or yourself) for a walk
    • Ask Better Questions!
      • What if…?
      • How about..?
      • How can we…?
      • Why can’t we…?
      • Why not…?
    • Think Bigger and Broader!
      • See the forest, not a single tree
      • Look for patterns in larger contexts
      • Look at how nature solves “problems”
      • Do something you typically don’t do
      • Daydream
      • Doodle
      • Make Believe
    • Give Your Sub-Conscious Homework!
      • Write out the problems and questions on a piece of paper every night
      • Carry a note pad to capture ideas or thoughts
      • Carry a voice recorder
      • There’s an ‘App’ for that

In today’s hectic rat-race, it can be very difficult to find time for reflective thought and getting in contact with our sub-conscious and the ideas that may be waiting. New ideas typically don’t present themselves when we are too busy to think. In order to truly tap into your great, but yet unknown, ideas, make time to get away, think deeply and truly reflect on your problems, potential solutions and other great reflections!

All of us at Think For A Change, LLC wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Festive Yule or whatever holiday you may celebrate at this time of year! We thank our clients and friends for your continued trust in us and look forward to another prosperous year of setting the standard for strategic execution! We also eagerly anticipate the new friendships, client engagements and networking opportunities that exist just over the horizon! See you in 2016!

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