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Lean DTC Brand Launches

We can accompany you during your whole market entry & scaling phase within your individual niche. In those case we will guide you with our “Lean-Market-Entry- Approach”, we designed in order to do not waste any money, time or nerves of you as a client. Sometimes we rather focus on coaching your own staff to implement things on their own & sometimes we take the hands-on approach where we mainly operate your launch.

Typical customers:

  • startups who need assistance with their initial launch of their DTC brand or their e-commerce niche store.
  • established e-commerce companies who want to launch new products or who consider a rebranding for a certain product group
  • companies & factories who want to diversify their main business through valuable DTC brands
What we suggest

The most important indicators are value & growth expectations. Those are the things we mainly focus on when working with clients. While analysing your strategy its all about “Pivoting Or Persevere Things”. Here are the steps which needs to be done to improve your business:

  • Analyse Status Quo & Long-Term Opportunities Before Changing
  • Get To Know The Market & Competitors (Use Keyword Tools, Semrush, etc.)
  • Understand Your Main Audience & Focus On Demands (Get Feedback & Data)
  • Consider New Market Positioning & Branding Strategy
  • Develop Your Internal Processes
    (Automation & Digitalisation)
  • Improve Your Product & Touchpoints (website / marketplace shop, etc.)
  • Implement A Focussed Marketing Plan With The Right Channels (e.g. Instagram, TikTok, SEO Blog, Youtube Channel, Co-Branding Approaches etc.) Here you should focus on essential KPIs like Conversion Rate or ROIs & not on Vanity metrics like traffic or social media followers.


Quick Examples

There are several situations you should think about changing your e-com brand strategy. Here are only two examples:

  • If your brand is operating in an extremely competitive market & you will rather loose market shares on the longterm-> pivot into a smaller niche & try to become market leader within it.
  • If your products are good but your branding is to generic & untargeted -> analyse your main target group and adjust your market position & branding (in some cases it makes sense to use different brands for different target groups even if the product is almost the same)

Diversifying your sales & market channels is crucial. You should always have at least two main channels you focus on  We assist you creatively with the following services:

  • LEAN PPC Marketing & Display Advertising specialised on DTC Brands & e-com niche stores (Google, Youtube, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok & co.)
  • Search Engine Optimisation For E-Com Niche Stores & DTC Brands focussing on conversions and not only on traffic
  • Affiliate Marketing Intergrations
  • Native Advertising
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Social Media & Content Marketing
  • Omni Channel Approaches (Amazon & Ebay, Offline Store)
  • Marketplace SEO
  • etc.

Sometimes it is not about finding new marketing channels and spending more and more money. In lots of cases brand owner simply need to adjust parts of their shop in order to make the conversion rate increase significantly. Imagine if you improve the CVR from 1.5% to 2.5%. Your revenue will almost double without wasting more money.

We suggest to optimise:
  • Homepage (clean design, colours, banner / image / video, corporate identity, etc.)
  • Persuasive Information (effective headlines, clarity of website purpose, top products, testimonials, social icons, etc.)
  • Product Page (accurate product information, modifications, images, price strategy, shipping information, reviews, etc.)
  • Checkout Page (easy registration, email, payment options, etc.)
  • Information Pages (about page, contact us page, FAQs, return policies, etc.)
  • Navigation Menu (menu, design, categories, etc.)
  • Landing Page (design, call-to-action buttons, clarity of website purpose, etc.)
  • SEO Blog Posts (call-to-action buttons, linking, social sharing, etc.)
  • Retargeting Customers (welcome back messages, customer journey, cookies, personalised, etc.)
  • Technical Stuff (speed of website, etc.)

We help:

  • DTC brand or niche store owners to sell their business
  • DTC brand or niche store owners who want to expand their business through strategic mergers or acquisitions (e.g. Instagram channels, blogs, other e-commerce stores, etc.)
  • Companies who want to take over whole DTC brands or niche stores

What we do:

  • We find opportunities for acquisitions or mergers for your business
  • We negotiate with other parties
  • We help you with the post-integration
  • We prepare exits for DTC brand or niche store owners

Our services are very individual. Therefore, we do not have lots of off the shelf packages. In most cases it is the best to contact us & get to know each other in order to elaborate an appropriate solution.

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Currently The Most Demanded Service Packages

Get More Sales Through Smart Search Engine Optimisation


SEO is a perfect alternative to paid ads. Maybe it is one of the most underrated traffic channels for D2C brands & e-commerce niche stores because people often think that it needs to much time & only brings unnecessary traffic which does not convert.

Do not waste money on bad executed paid ads


No matter if it is about Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Youtube, Snapchat or Pinterest. For all platforms there is one simple rule - PPC & display ads are an ongoing process which needs adjustments every time. Test your market on a small budget & only scale if things working profitable. Find winning ads & do not waste money on untargeted campaigns in a longterm.

LEAN PAY PER CLICK ADS FOR DTC BRANDS & E-COM NICHE STORES (Instagram, Youtube, Google, Pinterest, Facebook & co.)
We will elaborate on which traffic channels you should focus on & explain you what to do


Most people are simply overwhelmed by the different opportunities you have in the e-commerce world to gain traffic. Spending time on the right traffic channels rather than on the wrong ones demands lots of know-how. The choice always differs depending on the niche you are within. We will guide your way & find a perfect solution for you. And after this you just need to execute the plan.

For offline store business owner


You always hear that stationary stores are not profitable anymore. For most of the old-fashioned concepts the hypothesis is right. But there are still strategies which work fantastically. Its all about event shopping & costumer experience nowadays. Why not earning even more money with your own branded products you can sell offline & even online. We help tea shops, souvenir shops, boutiques, delicatessen shops & co. to make this dream come true. And we also help DTC brand owners to launch their initial stationary stores or pop-up concepts.

We accompany you during the whole process


We can accompany you during your whole market entry phase within your individual niche. We will guide you with our “Lean-Market-Entry- Approach”. Most customers love our service because we are like a proficient co-founder they always wish to have.

For E-Commerce Owners & Influencers


We analyse the status quo of your business & tell you which opportunities you might have on the D2C market. Here we work with entrepreneurs who already run an e-commerce store (niche store, dropshipping store, general store) & with people who influence existing communities (Youtuber, Blogger, Niche forum Owner, Instagrammer, TikToker, etc.)

Frequently Asked Questions

(You are not the only one who asks himself those questions)

Direct-to-consumer brands are known for selling directly to customers online, bypassing the “middlemen” of wholesalers and retailers. This allows brands to control the user experience, collect first-party shopper data and increase margins.

Yes, simply ask us your questions via text, voice or video message any time.

Our services are very individual. Therefore, we do not have fixed prices. Just let us know what you need & we find a solution. We know that entrepreneurs can only afford service agencies if their business actually makes profits – That´s where our focus is on!

Generally those are the two areas we focussed on because we believe that branding & strategic market positioning is more and more important in the highly competitive online world.

We usually do not serve general stores or low quality dropshipping stores because our passion is to drive success. And even with our work those business models often will simply not work in the nowadays e-commerce environment. In most cases a cooperation makes no sense right from the beginning.

It is important to us to communicate this openly due to the fact that we cannot live with unhappy customers.


Hey – it’s me Marc, the founder of that service agency. Basically, I am a random guy which sometimes cares about the behaviour of certain target groups to much. There were times, I was absorbed in thoughts until 5 am in the morning, up to the point I simply fell asleep at my desk. But hey, everybody has their vices 😅

Explain us your current situation. We will let you know how we can make you happy...😀🎉

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