Search Engine Optimisation vs. Search Engine Advertising in E-Commerce

Are you currently working on an E-Commerce project and you are struggling with your SEO tasks? Or do you have a local store and want to get some more attention through search engine marketing? No worries, you will definitely find a solution which fits to your individual case.

Increase your website traffic and receive more trust within your customer base

There are different ways you can get on top of Google´s search results. The one ist called search engine optimisation (SEO) whereas the other tactic is known as search engine advertising (SEA). Both ways do have their own advantages and disadvantages and if you are not sure which one is fitting for you feel free to contact us.

Generally, we will only recommend legal white hat SEO strategies which are sustainable and often used by successful market leading companies. We take care on the quality we offer you within our services as it was our own project. Often we combine SEO strategies with SEA campaigns. With those campaigns you can purchase ad slots on the top of Google very quickly whereas SEO sometimes needs some more time. Basically, you never have been closer to the most balanced search engine marketing opportunity for your own project.

Search Engine Optimisation vs. Search Engine Advertising

As it was already mentioned both fields can be either more advantageous in the one case or disadvantageous in the other case.

However, one thing is definitely clear! At these days more than 91% of web users are searching for information, services or suitable products in the internet. Mostly, they use search engines such as Google. The usage of search engine marketing gets more and more important and hence can provide key traffic for websites.

For instance with the application of SEO you can save lots of marketing budgets in the long term view because you do not need to spend money on recurring PPC costs. Once you have invested time in a proper on and offpage optimisation ist will be hard for new competitors to compete with you within the organic Google results.

On the other hand, paid ads on search engines are extremely useful for quick results. For instance if you launched a new product you can test is with a testing PPC campaign. Also, it is way easier to target your customer audience. If you have implemented a proper SEO strategy you often do not need SEA campaigns. But if you want to scale your business to the next level both marketing approaches should be used simultaneously.