SEO E-COM BOOST fits perfectly to you if…
  • âś… you run an e-com store and need a proper traffic source
  • âś… you thrive to outperform your competitors on another marketing channel
  • âś… you want to save time for other things while I am doing your main SEO tasks
  • âś… you have exhausted your current marketing channels and need another traffic source
  • âś… you think that paid advertising is to risky
  • âś… you tried SEO on your own but you did not get any positive results


Full SEO e-com services for English or German markets / weekly contact


Own an online store

The Goal

Boosting the shop´s conversions through organic traffic


Highly depending on your shop

Hey – it´s me Marc,

I will be your strategic SEO partner for a few weeks and hopefully for a longer time cause I love to help you with your long-term scaling phase. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

Brief information about me:  After I graduated from business university I spent most of my time with building e-commerce projects. I really got addicted to raise new brands. As time went by my passion developed to a service and I worked more and more with enthusiastic people together in order to scale their e-com businesses. The thing which drives me the most is implementing innovative & future oriented structures in outdated businesses to see the business owners´ funny smile faces.

Get in touch for FREE
  • Professional support from e-com SEO experts (German & English)
  • Weekly contact through Skype or Whatsapp
  • Status-quo-analysis and consulting in terms of long-term SEO
  • Reports about all the SEO work we have done for you
  • Keyword analysis on basis of your individual store & product
  • SEO actions such as: landing page adjustments, product page optimization, duplicate content eradication, backlink management, etc.
  • Data exchange with us through Google Drive or Skype

Your current situation

You already found your niche and you have an existing e-com business within it but you finally want to scale it. The monthtly sales through other online marketing channels such as Google Ads, affiliate marketing or social media marketing are not enough?
Then it is time to bring your shop on the next level with search engine optimization. However, not in every situation SEO is the best approach to receive more conversions and you need an expert to evaluate your individual situation.
I would love to help you on your journey to more success and would like to reveal your shop´s opportunities. Let us boost your traffic together through my secret SEO hacks.

Valuable asset

Your domain will get better ranking results through offpage measures. Its market value will increase sustainably. Your ranking opportunities will raise exponentially.

Overtake competitors

Your will receive a 2 month support for you project. You will get professional SEO information and we will find perfect keywords with which we can overtake your competitor´s rankings.

Strategic Excellence

I will explain all SEO strategies while applying them to your business. Therefore your own SEO skills will become better for future projects.

Individual Fit

You can´t stand those theoretical courses anymore where anyone tries to explain you SEO. You need someone who supports you one on one and applies SEO hacks on your project. We will find the perfect SEO approach for your individual business case.

Long-term relationships

If we both see outstanding results it will definitely make sense to work together for a longer time.
Also take advantage of our German residence if you decide to sell your products in German spoken areas (use our stock spaces, use our staff for shipping / returns management & CRM).

Further information regarding SEO E-COM BOOST

Search engine optimisation is basically about both subareas onpage optimisation and offpage optimisation. Most people make the mistake that they just devote to one approach which will narrow their ranking opportunities. During my consulting career I often dealt with e-com store owners who did not know about the primness of an existing backlink structure. Also duplicate content is a big issues in e-commerce. Especially, it does harm ranks if people copy product descriptions of other websites. This is often the case if entrepreneurs using dropshipping structures.

Sometimes I meet people who have never done any keyword or competitor analysis before writing SEO content. Often they are investing time in topics which nobody is interested in. In other business cases I saw content which was completely spammed by keywords. Those old fashioned SEO strategies are not functioning any more and even harm your rankings. Nowadays we have to concentrate on IWF*IDF analysis before creating content.

Actually, there are so many points I can give you examples of SEO failure but this would definitely go beyond the scope. Therefore it is highly recommendable that you search for a SEO consultant who understands your issues for e-commerce purposes. If you decide to use my services we will work on strategic SEO plans and finally boost your e-com store through diversified onpage & offpage approaches.

As soon as you decided to go for SEO E-COM BOOST you will either get to the conclusion that SEO is not the best marketing tool for you or your revenues will increase significantly after our work is done.

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