Personal Branding Full Service ist about the following…
  • ✅Get to know your target group
  • ✅Find a fitting product niche
  • ✅Identify a market problem
  • ✅Build a product solution for that problem
  • ✅Consolidate your market position
  • ✅Generate income with your followers in the long-term
  • ✅Watch how your followers build a closer relationship


Full service with close contact. For English or German markets


Available budget€

Dream to run and own a business because the whole reach is not enjoyable if you don´t know how to earn your living.

The Goal

Earning money with an own brand & own online store


Highly depending on your shop

approx. 8-12 weeks

The whole project is based on a validated product innovation process.

If you have this...

  • Lots of followers & likes on Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook & Co.
  • Urged to fulfill your life
  • Some ideas about an own brand or product
  • A fanbase you like to help with a value product
  • Missing knowledge about e-commerce & product innovation
  • No business network with designers, suppliers, online marketers, etc.
  • A small budget for first product tests
  • No time doing everything on your own

You need this...

  • Professional cooperation with product innovation experts
  • Weekly contact and support
  • People who can realise your product ideas
  • Experts who give serve with product ideas
  • An external team which does your branding, product design, shop building, production, product launch, etc.
  • A consultant who advises you how to save money and time during your project
  • A shop system which you can run without programming skills

Hey – it´s me Marc

I will be your strategic partner for a few weeks and hopefully for a longer time cause I love to help you with your product innovation journey. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

Brief information about me:  After I graduated from business university I spent most of my time with building e-commerce projects. I really got addicted to raise new brands. As time went by my passion developed to a service and I worked more and more with enthusiastic people together in order to scale their e-com businesses. The thing which drives me the most is implementing innovative & future oriented structures in outdated businesses to see the business owners´ funny smile faces.

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Your follower - your dream

In some point of time in your life you must have made the decision to run a social media channel within a certain niche. If you run your channel up to today you might have spent thousands of hours to create the content – that´s a lot.
In order to not throw all of that effort away you need to consolidate your project with a proper income in the future.

We made the experience that people, who already invested blood, sweat and tears, are extremely dedicated to an e-commerce project which complement their own project.

You definitely have one big advantage – you already have a worthy traffic channels which other entrepreneurs do not have. But you can also use other online marketing opportunities we can help you with.

Today´s digital advantages

In these days the market launch of a new product idea is easy as never before. Nowadays, you do not even need programming skills to build an online store. Customers do prefer to buy their stuff in specalised niche stores which are headed by trustful people.

This leads to huge opportunities you should use with your niche social media channel.

Where do we offer the service?

We are offering that service all over the world because we stay in contact digitally with Whatsapp or Skype. Every week we speak up to 60 min with each other about the results. Further data exchange is possible with Google Drive or Skype. Regularly, our service needs at least 8-12 weeks but every project can vary individually.

Why do we offer it?

During our specialisation in the field of product innovation we often came in touch with influencers who complained about their current situation. These kind of people really love their social media channels and their fan base but sometimes do not have a clue how to monetarize the project. In some cases some influencers do not care because they just run their channels as hobbies and they have enough money for living purposes. But in most cases time is scarce due to the online project. Having a part time job besides does cost lots of time and does not bring enough money at all. Online projects often suffer from that situation and sometimes will be neglected.

Long-term relationships

If we both see outstanding results it will definitely make sense to work together for a longer time. Let us talk about possible scaling opportunities for your new market after we are finished with product launches.
Also take advantage of our German residence if you decide to sell your products in German spoken areas (use our stock spaces, use our staff for shipping / returns management & CRM).

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